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SJRC F7 4K PRO Drone GPS 5G WiFi 3 Axis Gimbal With HD Camera FPV Professional RC Foldable Brushless

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SJRC F7 4K PRO Drone GPS 5G WiFi 3 Axis Gimbal With HD Camera FPV Professional RC Foldable Brushless

F7 4K Pro

Product parameters:
Product Description: 3-axis mechanical pan tilt (4K WiFi camera)
Product size: u nfolded:33x32.5x13.5 (CM)
F olded:11.8x16.1x13.5 (CM)
Product color: pearlescent silver grey
Material: ABS
Receiving frequency: 5.15-5.35 GHz; 5.725-5.825 GHz
Number of channels: 4
Appearance: folding aircraft
Age: 14+
Battery parameters / power system
Body battery: 11.1v 2600mAH
Charging time: about 7 hours
Charging mode: USB type-C
Service time of single battery: about 28 minutes
Remote control battery: 3.7V 1500mah
Remote control battery life: 2.5hours
Motor model: 1806
Motor power: 4A
Power regulation: 12a
Remote control distance: 3km
Speed: 8m, 6m, 4m (M / s)
Lens parameters
Resolution: Mobile: 3840x2160p (photo)
1280x720p (video)
SD card: 3840x2160p
Lens angle: FOV: 70 ° Return distance: 3km
Picture signal: 2.4G + 5g Bridge
Transmission frame rate: 15fps
GPS following distance: 10-50m
Gesture recognition distance: 1-3 M

Function / buying point

1: The 3-axis pan tilt lens is equipped with a wide-angle 4K high-definition WiFi, which can adjust the shooting angle of the front camera on the remote control. The 3-axis pan tilt makes the aircraft shooting video clearer and more stable, and the angle makes the field of vision wider

2: With the built-in computer, the image transmission is actually 3km (in barrier free environment), and the long-distance image transmission increases consumers' sense of experience and vision

3: Precise positioning, with GPS precise positioning, can achieve one key return, no signal return, low power return, avoid flying loss

4: Ultra long endurance 11.1v2600 Ma lithium battery, with a endurance of about 28 minutes, increases the sense of flight experience

5: Custom route. You can draw the picture you want to fly on the app

6: Intelligent follow, surround flight, palm control, map real-time positioning, UAV, out of control map, route planning, APP mobile phone control, one button return, up and down, forward and backward, left and right side flight, automatic switching optical flow / GPS

7: Brushless motor, provide more powerful power and more durable service life, strong sense of speed, strong burst, good wind resistance